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Arts for Peace Programmes - horseridingProgramme Goals and Methodology

Our programmes focus on creating an environment of peace, trust, respect and support so each child feels very safe and listened to. Our aim is to assist each child in becoming a young leader in peace in their communities.

  • We apply Therapeutic Recreation methods to assist the children in life skills development and Peace Education through daily programme directed challenges, core communication workshops, therapeutic counseling, leadership skills programmes.
  • We facilitate peace, reconciliation and mediation throughout each programme. This provides a powerful twofold process of therapy and peace education to encourage each child to re evaluate his or her choices in relation to breaking the cycles of violence and giving them the psychological and emotional support to do so.
  • The children are invited through the recommendations of their home schools officers, youth leaders and through a selection criteria agreed with our partner child care organisations abroad.
  • All of the programmes’ results are independently evaluated by Professor Marjorie Malkin of the University of Southern Illinois to measure the improvements in life effectiveness. The Arts For Peace therapeutic team also carry out weekly evaluations on the children’s development.


arts for peace - programmesThe programmes have goals and are challenging in a safe and supportive way. Each child is encouraged to overcome his or her fears and develop new skills.

Team activities include orienteering, canoeing, swimming, outdoor obstacle courses, art, drama, voice, horse care and riding. All programme content is designed to increase the children’s self confidence, self esteem, life-effectiveness, self expression and promote positive world citizenship.




Arts for Peace Assorted Programmes

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